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Business Expenses Insurance

If you believe running your own business is challenging at the best of times, imagine what it would be like if suddenly you had a serious illness or injury that stopped you from doing the things that make your business successful.

How would you cover the salaries of the people you rely on to support you, the rent, equipment expenses, business insurances, interest on your loans and all those everyday business overheads such as electricity and cleaning?  Not to mention the cost of a locum to keep the business going while you recover.   We can help you determine an appropriate level of cover for your needs.

Having a strategy to keep your business going makes good financial sense.  This is why we would like you to consider Business Expenses Insurance.

Business Expenses allows you to cover 100% of your allowable business expenses.  This will ensure you can meet the day to day expenses of your business.

Case Study - Alan's Story

Five years after setting up as a painter and decorator, business was booming for Alan Preston.

He had taken on an apprentice and a lease on new premises.  His ad campaign in the local papers was paying off and he had a steady stream of work.  At the same time his outgoings were beginning to mount up.

Then one Saturday while opening the bowling for his cricket club, he fractured his right ankle.  His doctor was adamant – painting was out of the question for the next few months.  Fortunately, he had taken out a Business Expenses policy.  It was a policy that would cover his ongoing fixed business expenses for up to $2,500 a month.  Some of Alan’s expenses included rent, insurance, advertising and the phone lease.

When you’re off work, your business expenses still add up.  If he hadn’t been covered he might have had to lay off his apprentice.

3 months later Alan is back on the ladder.  However, his pace bowling had to give way to a gentle leg spin.

While this is not a real life case, some details are drawn from an actual claim.

When you’re off work, your business expenses still add up.