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Cash Flow Budgeting

Do you want to take control of your finances?  If so, you should sit down and take the time to complete a budget planner. 

Many people don't realise exactly where their money is going.  We understand that you lead a busy life and tend to allow this sort of thing to go unaddressed.  However, by completing a budget planner you will work out your total income and expenses and you'll get an idea of where your money is going and where you could possibly make some changes.

When assessing your budget, don't forget to allow a buffer for unexpected expenses and emergencies.  This will help prevent your planned budget from going off track. 

Once you have worked out your budget, it is important to regularly review it to compare your actual expenses with your estimated expenses.

For some, completing a budget planner makes them realise that they are actually spending more than what they are earning.  This is not uncommon and a remedy can usually be worked out once you become aware of it.  This can help prevent you spiralling into financial despair.

For others, completing a budget planner can provide a pleasant surprise in highlighting excess income.  Instead of just letting this sit and not work for you, KWA Financial Services can advise on how to make the most of your fortunate position.

Contact us today to ask to be emailed free of charge a Budget Planning Spreadsheet.