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Superannuation Planning

Superannuation is purely an investment structure designed to help you save for your retirement that attracts very generous tax concessions in return for restrictions on access until certain ages are met or events have occurred. 

Super contributions and investment earnings are taxed at up to just 15 per cent compared to investments outside super that are taxed at your marginal rate which can be as high as 38.5% including medicare levy.

You can add to your superannuation without paying any contribution taxes. Or, like most, you can make sure that the contributions made by your employer are working best for you by engaging an advisor who can assist you in identifying asset classes you are best suited to.

Regardless of your age, you should consider a superannuation strategy now.   By commencing your superannuation planning early, you will not only benefit from growth in the value of the underlying investments but you will also benefit from the magic of compounding returns.

Whilst you can access your superannuation by way of a pension after age 55 at a reduced tax rate, pension payments made after age 60 are completely tax free as are the earnings within the pension fund. 

At KWA Financial Services we can help you:

  • Determine how much super you will need in retirement;
  • Choose a super fund that suits your retirement goals and risk tolerance; and
  • Choose a suitable tax effective super strategy to help boost your superannuation.

Where you have a number of superannuation funds, you may also want to consider consolidating your super.  Many people find that they have more than one superannuation fund due to employment changes.  We can help consolidate your super funds to ensure that you are only paying one set of fees and charges.

Also, at KWA we assist employers in offering their employees a flexible and easy to administer default superannuation fund which will provide personal financial planning services including well priced and innovative insurance solutions.

Additionally, we can offer specialist advice to those clients wishing to manage their investments through their own self-managed superannuation fund.

Speak to us now to ensure your superannuation is on the right track to provide for your future.